Protected Birds Seized from British Man in Bali

Four birds were reportedly seized on Thursday from a British man in Berangbang village, Jembrana (West Bali).

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The head of the Jembrana Police’s general crime unit, Adj. Comr. Gusti Made Sudarma Putra, said the birds were confiscated on Thursday from David John George Camplin who was then named a suspect.

Sudarma said the birds consisted of two rangkong (hornbills) and two king cockatoos and were among seven protected birds raised by Camplin, who was living in Bali with his Indonesian wife.

“He has a license for raising three protected birds, but there is no license for the four birds,” Sudarma said.

Police say Camplin told them that he bought the birds from a pet market in Jembrana.

Police plan to charge under the Law on natural resources and conservation. “If found guilty, he could be sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison,” Sudarma said, adding that Camplin was not detained during the legal process.



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