American Tourist Caught Shoplifting in Ubud, Bali

A 22-year-old American, Noah Pardue,  is in police custody in Ubud, Central Bali after being caught trying to steal a pair of pants from a local shop, quoted from

American caught by local police. Photo: Devada/Semetonnews

As reported by, Noah Pardue purchased a pair of trousers from Art Shop 69 Slam mid-day on Friday, April 22, 2016. A worker in the store saw Pardue attempt to conceal a second pair of pants in his shopping without paying. When confronted by the store employee, the American was evasive and refuse to allow his belonging to be checked.

During the questioning, Pardue tried to flee the store. With shop workers screaming “thief” and they followed in hot pursuit of the American. Subdued by local residents a short distance later, Pardue continued to refuse to discuss the theft and the fact that he was carrying two pairs of trousers when, in fact, he had paid for only one.

Surrounded by a crowd of spectators, Noah Pardue tried to make another escape running down Monkey Forest Road and dashing in and out of several restaurants.

By this stage, Police from the local precinct had joined the chase aided by photos of the man recorded on hand phones. Pardue was eventually discovered hiding in a water tower, wet from head to toe.

As police escorted the American through the busy streets of Ubud, angry bystanders began to scream demands for the administration of simple street justice. Fearing for the man’s safety, police quickly evacuated him to the relative safety of a cell at the Ubud Police Precinct.

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