We fight for our Kuta Lombok Dogs!

You can’t walk the streets or relax at the beaches here without noticing them: our Kuta Lombok Dogs. They can look so peaceful and relaxing and some of them look really nice and are so sweet and friendly! But after spending more time here, you also notice the skinny dogs, the sick and wounded ones, the many hungry puppies and the females that are pregnant AGAIN. You start seeing the aggressive fights, the constant looking for food and water, the stress of being chased away by the local people. And the lives of these beautiful dogs aren’t getting better any time soon.

Photo: Kuta Lombok Dogs (Facebook)

They will still be hungry tomorrow.

They will still fight over the small amount of food there is to find on the streets.

They will still die from infected wounds, because they are not treated properly.

They will still produce litters and litters of puppies every day.

They will still be homeless and without anybody to care for them.

Since Lombok is mostly Muslim, the local people are counting on us as well to educate them and to help them solve this dog problem. Because they want a safer village for their children, but simply have no clue on how to do it.

And that is exactly why we do what we do!

We are the ones who need to put our hands together and make a difference! And by “we”, we don’t only mean the people from Kuta Lombok Dogs, but all of you as well! Since you are reading this article, you obviously care. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate some of your money or your time to make life just a little bit better for these gorgeous animals and the community they live in.

Help us to do what we do!

Our main program is sterilizing as many females as we can. We started in April 2015 and by the end of that same year we had already done exactly 100 operations! BUT WE NEED TO KEEP GOING! AND FAST!

We also use our funds for wound care, medication, feeding and sadly… putting dogs down that can’t be rescued anymore.

We don’t have a shelter!

As much as we would want to, we do not have the possibility to take in dogs or puppies.

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