Whale Plays in The Swell With Surfers in South Africa

The waves off the coast of Hermanus in South Africa can sometimes reach 30-feet tall, making it a popular, particularly those practicing for the Dungens surfing contest, grindtv.com reported.

Incredible pictures show the moment a surfer rode a wave off the coast of South Africa – alongside a giant whale. Photo: Dave de Beer / Carter News Agency

The unknown surfer was in the water at Hermanus, Cape Town, on the country’s west coast when a Southern Right whale appeared beside him.

Pictured less than a metre away from the surfer, the huge animal joined the fun and was seen playing around as the waves were breaking.

“The young whale was displaying such playful body language, and eventually he gave in and went to play with the surfers in the waves, showing that he too can catch great waves, he even went up to the surfers as if to greet them,” said David de Beer the photographer who captured the rare moment via the Daily Mail.

The Southern Right whale came to the surface as surfers were practicing for a competition at Hermanus, Cape Town. Photo: Dave de Beer / Carter News Agency

“It’s always great to get pictures of the surfers during this time, and an even better bonus to get this young whale interacting with them. I often get whales and surfers in the same shot, but not often to get them this close and in the waves with them. They usually just swim past, but this little one was too playful to just swim past, he needed a piece of the action.”photographer Dave de Beer added.

In the photo, the whale and surfer very nearly collide while catching the same wave. Another photo shows, two surfers watching the whale exhale through its blowhole.

Source: Daily mail / grindtv.com


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