Bali Masseur Accused of ‘Sexually Assaulting 12-year-old Australian Boy’

A 12-year-old boy has been allegedly sexually assaulted by an Indonesian masseur in Bali while his mother was getting a massage in the next room.

During a press conference, Abdurahman (pictured) stood between police and told reporters that he ‘didn’t expect it would go like this’

The Perth boy was holidaying with his family in Kuta, a popular tourist district, when the alleged assault occurred. He was in private room next to his mother and grandmother at a massage parlour on Saturday.

The male therapist allegedly asked him to remove his pants to avoid them being stained by oil.

Kuta Police Chief Wayan Sumara said the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was asked to lie flat on his chest by the male masseur.

The boy was then told to lie on his side, at which point police allege the masseur became ‘aroused’ and asked him to roll onto his chest again. At that point the masseuse allegedly took his own pants off and attempted to sexually assault the boy.

‘The victim yelled and ran to his mother. Hearing the story from her son, the mother and the victim came straight to the (police) precinct,’ Mr Wayan told reporters on Tuesday.

The 47-year-old masseur, known only as Abdurahman, was arrested a few hours later.

Mr Wayan said the boy and his parents were ‘shocked’ but remain in Bali where they continue to assist with the investigation.

During a press conference in which Abdurahman stood between police with his head bowed, he told reporters that he didn’t expect the boy would ‘yell and run’. He said he had previously had ‘homosexual relations’ with around 15 people but that they were consenting.

Source: / Author: Sinead Maclaughlin


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