Bali Police Shoot Dead Frenchman Resisting Arrest

Bali Police shot dead a French national, former mixed martial artist Amokrane Sabet on Monday after he resisted arrest for several reports of misconduct. In the process of resisting arrest, the Frenchman stabbed a police officer to death, an official said.

Amokrane Sabet in his profile picture of his personal Facebook account, which he uploaded on July 18, 2015

North Kuta Police officers and Bali Police Mobile Brigade personnel went to Sabet’s house in Berawa, North Kuta, on Monday at around 11 a.m local time to take him into custody following several reports of his misconduct.

“There had been many complaints about him such as eating at restaurants without paying, carrying a knife, and harassing people, but every time we called him in for questioning, he never showed up,” Bali police spokesman Hery Wiyanto told AFP.

Around 40 police and immigration officials came to arrest the 49-year-old after discovering that his tourist visa had run out in September.

But as they arrived at his residence in Canggu, a village popular with foreign tourists, Sabet emerged brandishing a knife.

However, Sabet resisted arrest by fighting back the visiting officers and attacked them with a knife, Bali Police office chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto said on Monday.

“We gave him warning shots. The perpetrator stabbed one of our officers in several places. He ignored our warning shots so we shot him ,” he said as quoted by

Anak Agung Putu Sudi, 39, one of the officers assigned to take Sabet in, died after being stabbed eight times by the Frenchman. Sudi succumbed to wounds suffered to his neck, thigh and chest.

Bali Police had also coordinated with the French Consulate General before the arrest, Sugeng added.

Local people swarming the crime scene viewed the Frenchman as a trouble maker.

“He liked to drive fast and point his middle finger at people,” a local who wanted to stay anonymous told

Nobody was brave enough to warn him, the local said, as they were afraid of Sabet’s physical appearance and attitude, especially after people knew he was a former mixed martial artist.

Other reports to police detailed Sabet also refused to pay for tourist facilities leading him to be blacklisted by two tourism places in Berawa and Seminyak. Moreover, he had threatened people and shouted foul language, as well as was a reckless driver in the area.

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