Video: Lee Wilson and Chris Ward at Dessert Point

Here’s Lee Wilson and Chris Ward at Desert Point from just a few days ago. “A raw and unpredictable approach with an end product that one could stare at over and over again. He has been coming to Desert point for years. I was over here to surf this special wave on a Chilli Fader that I pulled off the rack, a board that I have grown quite fond of. This was my third time to Desert Point and the first time I’ve ever surfed it offshore. I hit up Wardo to see if he was down to collaborate on a piece. He was more than happy to. We went surfing, Carlo (Coral) documented. I’ve surfed some pretty good lefts in my life but nothing that comes close to this. A trip that was meant to be three days was cut short to one due to a wave driving my feet into the reef. This is what happened.” says Lee Wilson.


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