Courtney Conlogue Gets Naked for 2016 ESPN Body Issue

ESPN’s annual Body Issue has just landed and current world number one, Courtney Conlogue, features, naked, powerful and incredible.

Photo: Steven Lippman / ESPN

Each year, ESPN portraits the most finely-tuned forms on the planet, sans material. The Body Issue has become wildly celebrated and succeeds in removing the clothes from some of the world’s very best athletes. A good reputation opens many tightly-locked doors and ESPN have a skeleton key. Somehow, it’s sexy without being sexualised.

Training to become the top-ranked surfer in the world isn’t exactly a day at the beach. The 23-year-old American surfer Courtney Conlogue talks to Body Issue reporter Morty Ain about her long hours in the gym, learning to hold her breath underwater and trying to compete with Mother Nature.

Via Instagram, she wrote: “There’s beauty in being strong and having purpose. In order to conquer your dreams you need to master your craft. Life isn’t about finding yourself but creating yourself. One of the many shots for the ESPN #bodyissue.”

“I like that I’ve made my body for a purpose. For me, there was a long time when I was a little self-conscious because I was an athlete. I was in track and field at the time and I was super bulky and built up — just thinking to myself that I don’t look like your basic model. I had huge thighs because I was weight training and doing all of these dead lifts with resistance and squats. I had Apolo Anton Ohno thighs! … maybe not as big as his, but I felt like they were that big when I was little. I didn’t look like what I thought you needed to look like for surfing”, said Santa Ana, California surfer.

“But I learned to embrace who I am and what I look like as an athlete, to be strong about who I am and feel good about what I am. Being a strong woman and being a strong athlete in the water is a good thing. I think I’ve put a lot of time into everything being pretty proportioned out. My arms aren’t bulky, but they’re so strong, and they’re able to get me through the thick and thin of big swells.” Conlogue said.

“I’m at the point where I’m so happy with how I feel. Everything my body has is seriously what I need to do a run. I’ve fine-tuned how I need to look in order to be the best I can when that jersey goes on and I’m competing” she added.

In addition to releasing the photo, ESPN also released an interview with Conlogue.

Conlogue joins the ranks of other top professional surfers to strip down for ESPN’s annual celebration of skin including Steph Gilmore, Coco Ho, Laird Hamilton, Maya Gabeira, and Kelly Slater.


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