Foreign Tourist Who Joked About Carrying a Bomb at Bali Airport Could Go to Jail

Passengers waiting to check-in at Counter A-6 at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport were panicked and security personnel swung into action when an Italian tourist, Roberto Uboldi, told workers that he was carrying a bomb in his hand luggage, quoted from Bali Discovery.

Roberto Uboldi investigated by Ngurah Rai AVESC. Photo Source: Tribun News

Uboldi was checking in for a AirAsia flight on Saturday, June 4, 2016, when he made his startling pronouncement that resulted in his immediate incarceration by security personnel. reports that the 32-year-old native of Abbiategrasso, Italy, who lists his occupation as an electrician, was rushed to the security office of the airport where he underwent a lengthy interrogation and inspection of his checked and hand-carried luggage.

Uboldi told security officials he was “only joking” saying he only wanted to be “friendly” with airline staffers and use his time while checking in.

Uboldi’s failed attempt at humor included telling officials that he had a bomb in a small, blue carry-on bad and also had a chainsaw in his luggage.

There’s little doubt that the Italian man got his wish in terms of seeking a “close personal relationship” with security officials who put him through a thorough personal and luggage search.

Uboldi told officials that he did not know that the law in Indonesian does not allow people to joke about bringing bombs on board an airplane.

Head of Region Airport Authority Bali and Nusa Tenggara, Yusfandri Gona told, Italian can be threatened two years in prison for his bomb joke that he made at Air Asia check in counter.

Officials must now decide whether or not to charge the Italian under Indonesian aviation law that provide for long jail sentences and substantial fines.



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