Sea Turtles Return to Yogyakarta SouthernCoast as Nesting Season Begins

Mating season have begun for sea turtles – and some have even begun to nest along the southern coast of Yogyakarta, just off the Indian Ocean. “In the past week we’ve seen turtles come ashore to nest and lay their eggs – and to date, we’ve found two nests,” said a volunteer for Goa Cemara Beach Turtle Conservation Centre, Subaya, in Bantul, on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

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“We found 95 eggs in one nest, and 110 in another,” continued Subaya, who said that the eggs will be removed to be incubated in Goa Cemara’s Conservation Centre, which would enable volunteers to easily monitor and protect the eggs until the they hatch.

“The incubation period usually takes about 50 days,” said Subaya, who added that the turtles nesting season will continue until the end of next year.

“Hopefully, we could find more nests, and which will allow us to find more eggs and help conserve the species,” said Subaya. “Last year, we only managed to find ten nests – in previous years, we could expect to find around 13 to 28 nests – and this could be attributed to erosion along the coastline.”

“The erosion has caused the coastline to have an inclination angle of 45 degrees – which makes it harder for the turtles to come ashore and nest,” explained Subaya. “That said, there are several spots where erosion has yet to severely impact their nesting grounds, but alarmingly, about 2.5 kilometres west of Goa Cemara, abrasion have been reported.”

“However, recently the erosion rate has slowed – perhaps it has something to do with the weather, which affects the strength and height of the waves along the coast,” finished Subaya.



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