Australian in Bali Custody After Outraging the Modesty of a Fellow Passengers on Flight

In the latest installment on the continuing series of the trials and tribulations of drunken bogans touching down in Bali played out on Friday evening, July 15, 2016, with the arrival of Air Asia QZ541 from Darwin, Australia.

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Bali Discovery reported, at the request of the Airbus A-320’s Captain, waiting on the tarmac to quickly board the aircraft upon landing were members of the Indonesian Air Force, Airport Security, Angkasa Pura Security, and the police.

Prior to the plane’s touchdown, a reportedly intoxicated Stephan Nicholas Wood (58) reportedly struck a fellow passenger Damien Michaels (54). The altercation started when Woods outraged the modesty of Michaels’ wife, Kim Marie Charles (40), and the angry husband confronted the drunk.

Concerned that a crime had occurred on board and that it might escalate upon landing, the Captain of QZ-541 asked for the flight to be met by a security detail.

All three passengers were escorted off the plane to be interrogated. When police determined that Michaels and his wife were the victims, they were allowed to proceed to their Seminyak hotel. Meanwhile, Stephan Nicholas Wood was detained by immigration and police for further disposition, including the possibility of immediate deportation.

Ngurah Rai Airport General Manager, Trikora Harjo confirm such events. Unfortunately, he was reluctant to explain in detail the chronology of events and time. “Yes it is true. It happened today. But he was discharged,” he said.



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