21-Year-Old Surfer Loses Arm and Foot, Another Shark Attack in Reunion Island

On Saturday (August 27th), a young man , aged 21, was attacked by a shark while surfing at the beach of Boucan-Canot on Réunion Island. Laurent Chardard was surfing in large conditions when he was attacked by a shark at about 5pm.

It is reported that the victim suffered major injuries (left arm and right foot severed), it was reported that medical staff had to amputaate Chardard’s arm and foot were amputed due to the severity of the shark bites. He was evacuated by helicopter to the Centre hospitalier Félix-Guyon in Saint-Denis. It’s the first shark incident in ‘La Réunion’ this year.

Last year new shark barriers were installed around Boucan-Canot, but on Saturday morning boating and swimming were officially prohibited after authorities made an early-morning inspection and found the barrier to be non-operational. With ample swell in the water, the nets weren’t functioning as intended, thus the water was closed. Local authorities announced that they were considering fishing for the shark in local waters, quoted from Stab Mag.

It is understood Chardard was surfing with a dozen other surfers at one of the beaches that had recently been installed with anti-shark safety nets. However, at the time of the attack, the beach was closed due to concerns about a 2.5m hole discovered in the nets.

According the media reports, Chardard and the surfers were warned to not enter the water, with the large swell also causing waves to break out past the shark safety nets, quoted from Surfing Life.

Between 2011 and there were 2015 there were 18 people attacked and seven fatalities in Reunion Island. The attack on the weekend was the first one since June last year.

Source: surfinglife.com.au / sharkyear.com / stabmag.com


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