One German Tourist Killed and 20 Other Foreigners Injured in Bali Boat Explosion

A German woman was killed and 20 other foreigners injured Thursday when an explosion hit a tourist boat that had just departed the Indonesian resort island of Bali, police said, quotes from

French national Mile Charroin Amelie is placed on a stretcher after the Gili Cat 2 fast boat exploded shortly after leaving Padang Bai port in Karangasem, eastern Bali. Picture: Lukman S. BintoroSource:News Corp Australia

Karangasem police chief Bambang Sudarso said that the Gili Cat 2 fast boat had more than 40 people including crew on board and was heading for the nearby holiday island of Gili Trawangan.

He said the explosion occurred about 200 metres from Padang Bai port in eastern Bali and was preceded by smoke billowing from the engine.

The 20 injured passengers included nationals from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Britain, according to preliminary information from the police. Initial reports stated that Australians were among the injured but it is now believed it was Austrians.

Police are questioning the boat’s captain.

Teams of police and the bomb squad were initially deployed to investigate but Sudarso later ruled out a bomb as the cause.

“Based on the testimony (from passengers) and from what I saw at the scene, the explosion came from the fuel tank,” he said.

“Above it was a battery, maybe there was a short circuit that affected the fuel tank.”

“The explosion happened five minutes after the boat departed,” local police chief Sugeng Sudarso told AFP, adding the vessel had been about 200 metres from the port.

A passenger manifest seen by News Corp Australia shows those on board included four Austrians, 13 English, four French, four Italian, two Portuguese, two Germans, two Irish and two Dutch citizens.

“One female passenger died from head injuries.”

He said the dead woman, who was from Germany, and injured passengers were being taken to hospitals on the island.

The boat has been brought to the harbour for a forensic examination.

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Source: / Cindy Wocker, Komang Erviani and staff writers


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