Fun Ways to Get Through a Flat Day

With an abundance of high pressure systems headed in our direction, it’s time to get some backup plans in place for those days when your local break resembles a backyard swimming pool. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

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Go wake surfing

Got a mate who owns a boat? Buy him a six-pack or whatever his poison is and have him drive that thing up and down your local waterway while you and the rest of your buddies take turns ripping into the wake. Although there’s no promises you’ll be able to make it look as easy as Taj and Kerrsy do in the video below, you’re bound to get some laughs out of each other’s attempts, and when the waves at your local are topping out at half a foot, it’s the closest your going to get to scratching that itch to surf.

Jump off something high

There’s few better ways to spend a sunny afternoon than getting a group of friends together and jumping off something high and halfway scary into a cool body of water. A headland, a tree, some inland swimming hole—there’s plenty of options out there if you bother to look, and with the adrenaline flowing and some good-natured banter, you should be able to goad someone into doing something stupid enough that they end up on the wrong side of a painful and hilarious slapping. Bonus points for teasing the poor bastard with the fear of heights.

Create your own high-speed waterslide

Pinch your old man’s best length of tarp, grab the dishwashing detergent from the kitchen sink (as well as the spare bottle your mum bought for when that one runs out), find a steep hill and some kind of water supply, and voila! launch yourself down that slope with as much velocity as you can muster. This one works best if the ground you’re sliding over is bumpy, uneven, and capable of rocketing you at least half a foot in the air as you hurtle downhill towards whatever awaits you at the bottom.

Try sandboarding

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