Macaronis: A Love & Hate Relationship

Macas is the dream of any surfer. One of the must perfect playful wave in the world. You can be a beginner or you can be a Pro, it does not matter we all love Macas. The wave being perfect, easy to surf and fun in any condition makes it one of the most crowded waves in Mentawai, if not the most crowded.

When the predictions are good, boats leave where there are to be at Macaronis Next morning. Then you have the 20++ Guests of the land camp. Be aware that in a good day of surfing you might get at least 40 surfers surfing those perfect left handers.

Well I guess this is the price you pay to surf Macas. A bit heavier when the swell is perfect to Macas, it can go over 60 surfers easy.

If you are in a boat you still have many other options of spots to go. But I would not like to be stock in land surfing everyday the same wave with a different crowd of hungry surfers trying to get as many waves they can on this 2 days they are allowed to surf Macas on their boat trip.

Look at the Photos and let us know if it’s not worth it to sit down and wait for 30-40min one of this waves.

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