Kiwi Woman ‘Freaked Out’ Ahead of Bali Trial

New Zealander Myra Lynne William, who is set to face trial in Bali on drug charges is in an “unimaginable” situation and is “stressed and freaked out”, her lawyer says.


William, was hauled before reporters in September after she was arrested getting off a flight from Melbourne to Denpasar.

The 27 year old, who lives in Australia, was supposed to be holidaying with a group of friends on the Indonesian Island.

She has been detained in Bali after testing positive for methamphetamine after making a scene in the immigration queue. Police alleged she was acting erratic and was found with 0.43g of methamphetamine.

Prosecutor Paulus Agung said on Thursday her trial would start “soon” and she was expected to face three charges over the alleged possession, importation and using of drugs.

“She’s so stressed and freaked out,” William’s lawyer Suriantama Nasution said on Thursday.

“This is totally unimaginable for her, especially when this is her first time coming to Bali. What matter most now is the judgement for her.”

William will be taken to Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison, where she will await her trial.

If she is convicted for drug use, William faces a maximum of four years in jail.

The maximum penalty for the possession of less than 5g of drugs carries a 12-years prison sentence, while importation has a maximum of 15 years.



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