Ricardo dos Santos’s Murderer Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison

On January 19th, 2015, Ricardo dos Santos was shot in the back by a military police officer named Paulo Mota Brentano. He died in hospital the next day. After nearly a year of waiting, Brentano has just been sentenced to 22 years in prison by a Brazilian court.

Picture source: tracksmag.com.au

The Brazilian surfer and his grandfather had plans to do some plumbing work at their house in Praia da Guarda do Embau. But blocking the pipes was military police officer Luís Paulo Mota Brentano, who was allegedly drunk with his brother in a vehicle. When dos Santos asked the men to move, Brentano responded with gunfire.

And now, almost two years since the incident, dos Santos’ killer has received an official prison sentence from a Brazilian court: 22 years behind bars. The prosecution had asked for a maximum of 34 years; ultimately, the decision fell short. But the sentence affirms the story told by dos Santos’ family – that Ricardo had no intention of a violent confrontation. One of the key pieces of evidence here being the fact that one of the bullets entered Ricardo in the back, quoted from Surfline.

Ricardo’s mother, Luciane dos Santos, was there for the sentencing. “It’s a sense of relief because that’s what we’ve been looking for,” she said on Hora de Santa Catarina. “And, thank God, we got what we wanted. The first part we know is still a wound, it will never heal.” The Inertia reported.

Source: The Inertia / Surfline


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