Video: Gabriel Medina Talks, Losing The World Title And What’s Next

2016 has been a wild ride in the surfing world. A new generation has come in and taken the World Tour by storm, the older generation is beginning to retire, one by one, and a World Title is the farthest thing from an “easy pick”. The level of surfing has skyrocketed, and at the end of the day, it was John Florence who came out on top.

It’s been a long time coming for John, and everyone saw the writing on the wall (at some stage) – but that didn’t make it any easier of a blow for those in the race against him. For guys like Matt Wilkinson and Gabriel Medina, it would have been a difficult day on the sand in Portugal.

And the thing is, it hasn’t been talked about. No one has sat down and said… what now? Here in Hawaii Rip Curl had the opportunity, and Gabby was more than willing.


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