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18 Things Surfers Hate About Surfing

It may be the best sport in the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be annoying. Here’s Mpora make a list “18 Things Surfers Hate About Surfing”.

1) Cold Wetsuits

Look at the pain in this man’s face. He wants to start surfing, but he’s still getting over the pain of putting on his cold, wet wetsuit on a winter beach in North Wales. We feel you, man.

2) Incorrect Surf Reports

The surf report says it’s going to be big. The surf report says it’s going to be clean. The surf report says it’s going to amazing. You get there, and it’s pancake city. The surf report lied.

3) Groms

We get a mix of feelings when we see little kids ripping through the line up. One feeling is joy at such a wonderful example of the freedom and inclusivity of surfing. The other feelings are jealousy, anger and disappointment, we’ve been in the green waves longer than they’ve been alive. Sigh.

4) Eating Sh*t

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Yeah, yeh, we know. It happens to us all. But it doesn’t make it any less embarrassing or the feeling of being hit in the face with whitewater any less painful.

5) Surf Schools

Most surfers were probably in one of these classes at some point but once they’ve graduated to the line up, it becomes clear how annoying surf schools are.

Got your perfect wave? Enjoy it while it lasts, you’re heading straight towards a stag party in matching purple rash vests still trying to get on their board…

6) Surfboard Costs

Why does a decent surfboard have to cost so much?! You will look at your dream board for months on end, wondering how much you really need that savings account.

7) Bodyboarders

Surfers like to think of themselves and pretty liberal, laid back folk. That’s until it come to bodyboarders. Don’t get them started on bodyboarders.


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