2017 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Surfers

Travelling with your surfboard is getting harder year on year but as long as you do your homework it should be trouble free. Support the airlines that support surfers then everyone should be happy.

Welcome to the 2017 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Surfers. Every overseas surf trip usually starts and ends with gripes about surfboard baggage fees. Here’s the current state of surfboard / sports equipment fees as of the start of 2017.

Source: blog.errantsurf.com

Airline: Air Asia

Air Asia are a budget carrier based out of Kuala Lumpur and they’re great for connecting to Indonesia and onwards from Malaysia.

Pre-book board bags as way cheaper and you’re limited to 20kg if you just check in without pre-booking. They’re sticklers for fees but their excess weight fees are real world not crazy. Must be in a boardbag.

Max length: 2.77m/109in ; Max weight: 32kg

Pre-book fees per leg: 30kg:£16

Airline: Air Alaska

Surfboard Fee: $75

If you fancy exploring in the US these guys take two boards in a bag.

Max length: 115in unless on a diddy plane in which case total dimensions: 115in ; Max weight: 23kg

Airline: Air Berlin

Surfboard Fee: €50 to €120 (depending on short/medium/long-haul)

Specifications & Fees: Surfboard must be packed in soft case or similar.

Notes: Since the space available in the cargo hold is limited, we recommend that you register your baggage well in advance. Surfboards and other sports equipment must be registered 48 hours before departure.

Airline: Aero Mexico

Surfboard Fee: $40 or $50; Maximum length 9’0 ft

Specifications & Fees: $40 if purchased by phone reservation. $50 if purchased at airport.
*Fee is applied per board bag, up to three surfboards per bag.

Notes: We recommend that you call Aero Mexico to confirm surfboard fees, and make sure to get the name of the person you’re speaking to. Why? Some of our bros have been charged $65 by airline staff at airport check-in, and after they mention phone conversation and employee’s name, they change it to $50 (original fee). They’ll often try to trick you!

Airline: Air Canada

Surfboard Fee: $50

Specifications & Fees: The handling charge is $50 (plus tax), it applies per surfboard to one-way flights and for each way of travel on round-trip and multi-segment flight. Max length 6’6 ft (203 cm).

Notes: *Two handling fees apply for two (2) surfboards packed in the same container. Air Canada is not liable if and to the extent that any damage results from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage.

Airline: Air Europa

Surfboard Fee: €150

SURFING EQUIPMENT: (windsurf, surf board and kit surf )Surf equipment may consist of a surf board, mast, sail or a surf board or kite or parachute, a bar and a board. Surfing equipment is not included in the baggage allowance. For each equipment checked-in a charge of €150 will be applied per one way.

Notes: none at this time.

Airline: Air France

Surfboard Fee: $55 to $150

Specifications & Fees: Cannot exceed 50 lbs.

Notes: Surfboards and  long-boards can be transported in the hold with prior authorization by phone from our sales department.

Airline: Air India

Surfboard Fee: $200

Specifications & Fees: The will be charged 50% of the excess baggage charge. Such kit can be pooled in the Free Baggage Allowance but only 1 per passenger. Excess weight due to additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece.
More than 23 kgs up to 32 kgs (51-70 lbs) – USD 100.00 per piece. 3rd and each additional piece upto 50 lbs – USD 200.00 between India and US.

Notes: Golfing Kit/Surf Boarding equipment – The will be charged 50% of the excess baggage charge. Such kit can be pooled in the Free Baggage Allowance but only 1 per passenger. Excess weight due to additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece.

Airline: Air New Zealand

Surfboard Fee: Free (but only if you meet their requirements)

Specifications & Fees: Free as part of your baggage limit but if its exceeds that the charge is $150 (first bag) or $200 (second bag) for flights originating from USA. Two surfboards can be taken in a single bag.

Notes: Please note there is a maximum weight restriction of 32kg (70lbs) per item and 2 meters (6’5 ft) long. Please contact airline prior to trip for more information.

Airline: Air Pacific (Fiji Airlines)

Surfboard Fee: $50 to $100

Specifications & Fees

  • $50, flights to all destinations (except US/Canada, to and from Australia).
  • $100, flights to US/Canada, to and  from Australia

Notes: These charges apply to surfboards exceeding 158cm (5’1 ft) but not exceeding 277cm (9’0 ft) in total dimension, at a maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs).

Airline: Air Tahiti Nui

Surfboard Fee: Free

Specifications & Fees: Max length: 1.8m/70in; Max weight: 25kg

Notes: In all cases the second piece and/or adding another item of sporting equipment, are subject to published Excess Baggage Charges (Extra Piece/Oversize and/or over weight as applicable)

Airline: Alitalia

Surfboard Fee: $75 to $260 (depending on destination)

Specifications & Fees: Surfboard must be 6’5 to 9’8 ft (200-300 cm) and less than 50 lbs (32 kg).Notes: Depending on the size of the aircraft, surf and windsurf boards may not be accepted on board. Because of the variety of sizes of this type of surfboards, please contact Alitalia before booking/checking in. Please note that for the check-in and shipping of a surfboard you must:

  • Declare this item when you book your flight and, should you take a connecting flight on another carrier, get approval from this carrier; otherwise it will only be accepted on the Alitalia flight.
  • Check in for your flight at least an hour before departure.
  • Make sure the surfboard is properly packaged in containers or wrapped to protect it during loading and unloading.

Airline: All Nippon Airways

Surfboard Fee: $150 or $300

Specifications & Fees: Within 50 pounds the price is $150 or $300 depending on the size:

  • between 50-70 pounds-additional $30;
  • between 70-110 pounds-additional $150;
  • over 110 pounds, $300.

Notes: Limit length permitted: 9.5 ft

Airline: American Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $150

Specifications & Fees: No bags greater than 126 inches allowed. For travel to, through or from Brazil the boards must be under 108 inches and your first board is $42.50—additional surfboards are $85.

Surfboard fee, $150 regardless of the number of checked bags. Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs. will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes. Maximum weight and size: 70 lbs and 10’5 ft. Acceptance conditional on aircraft size and load factors.

Notes: For travel through, to and from Brazil, surfboard charge for first board checked is $37.50; any additional surfboards are charged $75.

Airline: British Airways

Surfboard Fee: Free to $60*

Specifications & Fees:
B.A. will accept surfboards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and are packed in a recognized bag or case to safeguard against damage.
•    The bag containing the board can be up to a maximum size of 6’2 ft (190cm).
•    Bags weighing more than 51 lb (23 kg) may incur a heavy bag charge ($60).

Airline: Delta Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $100 to $150.

Specifications & Fees: $150 (€105) traveling to all regions (excluding Brazil). $100 traveling to/from Brazil.

Delta Connection carrier surfboard acceptance and charges may vary. Please contact airline for more information.

  • Surfboards are allowed up to two boards per bag.
  • Bags over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee ($125 – $200).
  • Between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.
  • Surfboards over 9’5 ft are not allowed.

Notes: Please be advised, between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.

Airline: Emirates

One of the main carriers from Europe to wave rich wonders of Asia features modern planes and a stop off in pleasurable, if not a tad pricey, Dubai. Board bag goes as part of your checked allowance.

Max dimensions: 118in ; Max weight: 23kg

Airline: Etihad Airways

Surfboard Fee: Free

Specifications & Fees: Eithad Airways state that a surfboard would be free of charge as long as:

  • The surfboard is no longer than 3 meters (9’8 ft)
  • Weight of total baggage does not exceed 30 kg (66 pounds)

Notes: Please contact airline before flight.

Airline: Garuda Indonesia

Free within the limits of free baggage policy.

Specifications & Fees: All Sporting Equipments, including but not limited to Golfing, Surfboard, Bicycle and Skiing equipments maybe included into applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance/FBA according to their actual fare paid. Important to notify the airline 24 hours before your take off.
Notes: Maximum weight permitted 33lbs (15 kilo).

Airline: Hawaiian Air

Surfboard Fee: $35 to $150.

Specifications & Fees: Surfboards will not be included in determining the free baggage allowance and will be subject to the following charges each:

  • Domestic flights, to neighbor island $35;
  • Between North America and Hawaii $100;
  • Between Continental USA $100.

International flights:

  • $150, between Hawaii/North America and Japan, Korea, Taiwan or China;
  • $150, between Hawaii/North America and Australia;
  • $150, for any other international travel.

Exception: For travel between USA and Australia or New Zealand, boards will be included in the free baggage allowance when travel is non-stop, direct and/or connecting Service. Boards in excess of the free baggage allowance and/or when en route stopover exceeding 24 hours occurs, will always be subject to the applicable baggage charges.
Maximum weight for Surfboards is 23 kgs. or 50 lbs. Maximum length 9’5 ft.

Notes: Fin must be removed or well padded.  Entire board must be protected by a suitable container. Limit of two boards per container. Charge will be assessed per container.

Airline: Japan Airlines

Surfboard Fee:  $50 to $150

Specifications & Fees: Charges for each carry bag will be assessed according to the route.

Japan, Asia, India, Oceania Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa:

  • Per carry bag:- 15,000yen ($150)

Between Japan and Asia, Guam, Oceania:

  • Per carry bag 10,000yen ($100)

Japan Domestic flights:

  • Per carry bag 5,000yen ($50)

Notes: Surfboards:Maximum of 2 surfboards per each carry bag. If your surfboard exceeds 47″ or 120cm (30″ or 100cm if the aircraft is 737) in length (Crazy!).  Please consult with our airline or your travel agency in advance.

Airline:  JetStar

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Specifications & Fees: Weight and size must not exceed 50 lbs (32 kg) and 6’2 ft (domestic flights & short-haul international) and 9’0 ft (international long-haul); or else excess baggage will be applied.

Notes: Please contact airline for more details. Checked baggage fees are usually applied anyways and might vary.

Airline: KLM

KLM let you take a board bag as part of your allowance. If you want a case as well then you can pay for an extra bag. On European routes you just prebook the standard hold baggage fee. If you want a hold bag and a board bag it’s €68 each way.

Max length: 118in ; Max weight: 23kg

Airline: Korean Air

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Specifications & Fees: Maximum weight & length allowed, 70lb (32kg) and 9’0 ft (277cm). Take precautions when packing surfboards. Fins should be detached and thereafter boards safely enclosed in suitable bags. Surfboard will be charged per bag (or container). Korean Air assumes no liability for damage to sports equipment that is not contained in a hard-sided case designed for shipping with protective internal material.
Notes: Up to $200  if free baggage allowance is exceeded, and depending on destination.

Lion Air / Wings Air (Indonesia):

Lion Air Surfboard Fee: Free, if you only bring one surfboard. They will add additional costs if you carry more than one surfboard (15$/surfboard).

Wings Air Surfboard Fee: 15$ / surfboard.

You should call the airline to confirm fees and board carriage when when booking.

Airline: Malaysian Airlines

Carried as part of free checked allowance and Malaysian have an awesome free checked allowance of two 30kg bags which makes them a very worthwhile option. Prices are good too. Hook up with Air Asia from KL and you’re sweet for Indo.

Max length: 2.5m ; Max weight: 30kg

Airline: Mexicana

Surfboard Fee: $75

Specifications & Fees: One-way per bag, Max 8’3 ft.

Notes: Please call Mexicana Airlines, for more information.

Airline: Philippine Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $150.00

Specifications & Fees: $150 within a size of 9ft, if it exceeds that, the cost would be $300. Surfboards are not included in the free baggage allowance, and thus shall be considered as automatic excess baggage.

Notes: Exception: For travel between Australia and Philippines, surfboards shall only be accepted if enclosed in a surfboard bag that must not exceed 70lbs in weight and 9ft in length. Board can be included in the free baggage allowance. The number of surfboards can be more than one, but must not exceed 70lbs. When the combined weight of the board exceeds the free baggage allowance, normal excess baggage rates shall apply.

Airline: Qantas

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Specifications & Fees: To carry a surfboard as baggage, fins must be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment or taped to the board. Qantas Check-in will attach a Fragile tag to the bag and you must complete and sign the limited release portion of the baggage tag. Australian and International routes:

  • Surfboard accepted enclosed in a board bag, should not exceed 70 lb (32kg) in weight and 9’0 ft (277cm) in length.
  • Any additional bags will each be assessed at the Airport Excess Baggage rates.
  • You can pre-purchase Additional Baggage Allowance at lower rates than Airport Excess Baggage rates.

Notes: $150, if free baggage allowance is exceeded, and depending on destination.

Airline: Qatar Airways

Another of the Middle Eastern airlines that are your ticket to the joys of Sri Lanka, the Maldives and beyond. Doha is a pretty functional but sparse airport but their prices tend to be good and free board carriage as part of your checked allowance. But double check if you’re taking a hold bag too.

Max dimensions: 118in ; Max weight: 30kg

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Flying to Singapore is a joy, it’s one of the world’s leading airports and not a bad place for a layover. Singapore airlines run a new fleet of them fancy double decker Airbuses so you can really travel in style. Board bags are part of your checked allowance also.

Max length: 2m ; Max weight: 32kg

Airline: South African Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Free

Specifications & Fees: South African Airlines will allow a surfboard as an additional piece, not exceeding 50 lbs (23 kg) and 6’5 ft (200 cm), free of charge per passenger.

Max length: 2m ; Max weight: 23kg

Airline: TAM Linhas Aereas

Surfboard Fee: Free to $75

Specifications & Fees: Surfboard with a maximum length of 8’9 ft (274 cm) and 50 lbs (32 kg); can be included in Passenger’s Luggage allowance. The number of boards shall not exceed 3 (notwithstanding the number of cases).

When applied, an excess-luggage fee of US$75.00 will be charged, and the correct packing of these items will be the total responsibility of the passenger.

Airline: TAP Portugal

Surfboard Fee: €35 to €90

Specifications & Fees: Fee per one way trip:
– Domestic flights, €35.
– Europe, Morocco & Algeria flights, €50.
– Intercontinental flights (to Sal, Praia, Sao Vicente, Dakar, Bamako, Accra, Bissau and Sao Tome) €75
– Other intercontinental flights, €90.

Notes: Maximum weight advised per set 70 lbs (32kg).
Surfboards must always be carried in a suitable bag and packed appropriately. Passengers must always fill in the respective Transport Declaration form. In the absence of this document, inadequately packed equipment will not be accepted at check-in and may consequently be refused transportation.
TAP Portugal does not accept liability for possible damage to inadequately packed boards during travel and recommends that an insurance policy be taken out.

Airline: Thai Airways

Surfboard Fee: $100 if under 2m $200 if over!

Perplexing rules but it ain’t good. Doesn’t count as your free baggage and only one board allowed.

Max length: 109in ; Max weight: 30kg

Airline: US Air

Surfboard Fee: $200

Specifications & Fees: “Surfboards will be accepted as checked baggage for a charge of $200 per direction. One item of surfing equipment consists of 1 surfboard.
When packaging a surfboard, keels and/or kedges must be removed or crated in such a manner so as to prevent damage to other baggage.

Surfboards will be accepted on US Airways Express flights. However, their acceptance may be restricted by length on some aircraft. A US Airways Reservation agent can provide additional information.”

Airline: Virgin Atlantic

Board bag goes as part of your checked allowance. But the new length allowance is daft. If you want to take a hold bag and board bag then it’s £65.

Max length: 75in ; Max weight: 23kg


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