Another Shark Attack in Bali Today

There was a Shark attack in Balian, Northwest of Bali this morning. It was not a severe attack and luckly the person attacked is okay.

Photo: Balian Beach Accomodation

Twiggy Van Ryan wrote in his facebook today “Empty line line up. It was a bit weird being about half a kilometre out and already had my board “bumped” then hearing someone closer in had been bitten!  Turns out he was a paramedic, damaged hand and a fracture also. Big thanks to Brett (Big Bird) Hodge for all the tips back in the day about keeping ya heart rate steady, it was a long paddle in from 500m out to sea”

Balian has had a few attacks in the last years. Last year American surfer was attacked by shark in Balian Beach, Bali.

Watch also the video of big shark spotted in Balian Beach, Bali last year

We are getting more information about this for you. Stay tuned.


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