Family Thrown off Jetstar Flight in Bali for Refusing to Take Their Assigned Seats

Two families have been booted off a Jetstar flight after refusing to take their assigned seats because they had not been seated together. A video taken on board a flight from Bali to Adelaide shows a group of people being removed from the plane by flight attendants before take-off, as quoted from Daily Mail.

Passengers on the plane claimed two fathers in the group had questioned why they were not allocated seats with the rest of their families.

But Jetstar claimed the families had taken other passengers’ seats and refused to budge, leading to them being kicked off the plane late on Tuesday night.

Vincent Bamforth posted a video online showing the family packing up their hand luggage and being escorted from the plane.

He said a young boy ‘was bawling his eyes out’ as his family exited the aircraft.

“Jetstar you performed poorly, over exercised your power and should be shamed internationally,” Mr Bamforth said. “Your captain is irresponsible and lacked due care and showed complete ignorance.”

Other passengers claimed flight attendants overreacted after the two fathers asked to be seated near the rest of their families.

“Two families were kicked off the plane last night at 10.30pm for simply asking why the dads were not placed near the families,” the passenger wrote.

“The hostess complained to the manager hostess who then came and spoke to them about their behaviour and how a hostess shouldn’t be spoken to like that. Neither families showed any disrespect and the hostess and they still kicked them off the plane with young children over nothing. There are plenty of witnesses to say they were in fact not being rude and simply were asking a question.”

Jetstar spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the passengers were removed from the flight after refusing to move from other people’s seats.

“We had customers board a flight from Bali to Adelaide overnight who had taken other passengers seats and refused to move to their allocated seats. The passengers refused to follow numerous requests from our crew so the captain decided that they would not travel on that flight. Like all airlines, our customers are allocated specific seats and we can’t have a situation where passengers sit wherever they like. This causes disruptions to other customers and delays the flight departing.”

She added the family were booked onto another flight on Wednesday morning, free of charge. They had to find their own accommodation for the night.



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