A New Future for Bali: Plastic Bag That Dissolve in Water

Kevin Kumala has created a bag from cassava starch that is 100% biodegradable and even edible.

Al Jazeera posted on its Facebook a video showing the product. The video shows the bag is not easily torn and not weaker than the common plastic bag.

Kevin Kumala, a worker of Avani was tearing the  cassava bag and put the torn part into a slightly lukewarm water. It diluted immediately and within just about one minute it becomes a ‘green drink’ of cassava, which he drank, as quoted from The Online Citizen.

This is a product invented by Avani, located in Bali, Indonesia – the second largest source of plastic garbage found in the world’s oceans – the epicenter of the battle against plastic waste.

Cups, straws, cassava bags, wooden cutlery, food containers, and many more, are biodegradable products made by the startup company.

Assumed by most as a tropical island paradise with pristine white sand beaches, the truth is that Bali’s beaches are now often saturated with garbage and debris, and the majority of this trash is plastic. Avani wrote on its website that the company aim to help rehabilitate the island by offering sustainable, Eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous products that locals and tourists use every day.

“We’re hoping that one day biodegradable products would be the status quo, of course for the use of plastic,” Kevin said.

Source: theonlinecitizen.com / Martha Soezean


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