Tourist Falls to Death From Cliff at Uluwatu

An Indonesian tourist named Kwan Anto Randy Saputro died on Wednesday after falling from a cliff at Uluwatu, Bali.

The 47 year-old man, come with his family visit the famous Balinese Uluwatu Temple. It’s alleged that Saputro leaned out to take a selfie and slipped and fell over the barrier on the cliff top, quoted from Coconuts Bali.

Search and Rescue team was called to the scene to evacuate  and it took about two hours to evacuate the body because of their challenging position, along with a windy conditions and a high tide, until finally managed to lift the victim’s body.

Saputro was slipped from a height approximately 120 meters and fell to the beach.

“The incident reported concerns a domestic tourist from Surakarta (Solo). We directly dispatched a rescue team with a ‘high angle’ rescue technique to rescue and evacuate the victim,” head of Basarnas Bali, Did Hamzar.

An eyewitness said, Anto was busy taking pictures. He passed the fence and stand too close to the edge, then suddenly slipped and fell into a steep ravine.

The body of Saputro has taken to Sanglah Hospital after being evacuated.



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