Two Foreign Tourist Arrested Over ATM Skimming in Canggu, Bali

North Kuta Police managed to secure two foreigners suspected of card skimming at one ATM located in Canggu Mart, Jalan Batu Mejan, Canggu, Bali.

Photo shows police seized some evidence and the two Turkish men handcuffed their hands on the back. Photo: Tribun Bali/I Made Prasetia Aryawan

“We arrested them around 3 am at the scene. The two foreigners are from Turkey and are though to be a part of an international network,” North Kuta Police Commissioner Pius X Febry Aceng Loda said on Monday, quoted from Bali Coconuts.

The two foreigners is from Turkey named Ender Gungor (47), and Aziz Ozan Atayoglu (36). Police thought they are part of an international network because their work is so profesional.

Police received a report earlier on Saturday that an ATM located at Canggu Mart had died, after chencking into ATM police found a skimming device and unplugged it.

In order to arrest the suspects, police waiting for the skimmers to come back to the ATM and access their device. At 2 am, the Turkish men went back to the ATM to check the tool that has been installed. At that moment police can secure both of them.

They also caught by CCTV camera when installing the skimming device.

Both men are currently being detained by North Kuta Police and are under investigation.



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