30,000 Brazilians are Headed to Indonesia in The Next Few Months

Brace yourself for an influx of gold chains, frothing tattooed and tanned types, and teeny tiny bikinis…. Yes, the rumours are true: 30,000 Brazilians are headed to Indonesia in the next few months.

Picture source: graafix.blogspot.co.id

Thanks to an airline promotion selling return flights for 500 bucks, a Brazilian invasion awaits. The surfing season has long been a popular time for surfing-mad Brazilians to flock to the archipelago but this is an unprecedented number of tickets sold.

With Uluwatu a favorite Brazilian base, the Bukit is bracing itself for a green, yellow and blue invasion. Expect loud and happy groups, all frothing and flocking to the breaks plastered all over surfing media. Culturally Brazilians are quite similar to the Indonesians in their warm demeanour and love for small-talk (or big-talk perhaps if it comes to wave-size), so it’s no surprise the South Americans are so happy here.

With plenty of other surfers also expected for the season, it promises to be busy this year. Let’s hope everyone gets their share by taking turns and playing nice, at the end of the day we’re all here to enjoy the water.

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