Kuta Taxi Driver Arrested after Stealing Luggage of Foreign Tourists

Metrobali.com reports that an Australian visitor to Bali saw her bags absconded by a taxi driver in front of the Discovery Mall in South Kuta.

Police held a press conference together with Alfridus Taunais and The Australian tourist. Photo: Tribun Bali / I Made Ardhiangga Ismayana

The Australian tourist, Aria Hana, lost a set of luggage at 11:53 pm on Tuesday night, January 31, 2017, Bali Discovery reported.

According to police, Alfridus Taunais was driving a taxi that picked up Hana and her accompanying family members from in front of the Kartika Plaza Hotel with a request to travel to the Hotel Mega Boutique. After getting underway, the driver tried to persuade his passengers to do an extended tour of the city instead of proceeding directly to the nearby hotel.

Because the car was taking too long to get to its designated destination, the Australian tourist complained saying the normal fare was only Rp. 40,000 and the taxi’s meter was already showing Rp. 60,000, with the desired hotel no where in sight.

The Australian ordered the taxi to stop and declared their intention to disembark. Once out of the taxi, the driver sped off taking the Australian family’s luggage with him.

Shortly after reporting the case to the police, Kuta officers traced the “441 Taxi” to the driver’s boarding house in Puri Gading, South Kuta. When taken under arrest, Alfridus Taunais was discovered with his taxi, a baby carriage, assorted luggage, three handphones, room keys for the Hotel Mega Boutique, a wallet, 11 cards, a wristwatch, a gold bracelet, 5 golden rings. 3 gold necklaces, a pair of gold earrings, a golden toy necklace, 3 play pearl necklaces and a pair of pearl earrings

Police are holding the driver and preparing charges of theft for presentation to State Prosecutors.

Source: balidiscovery.com


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