Three Russians Stopped and Arrested from Busking on the Streets of Tabanan, Bali

3 Russian nationals were recently rousted by community enforcement officials (Polisi Pamong Praja) when they were found panhandling in front of a bakery in Tabanan on Thursday, January 26, 2017, Bali Discovery reported.

Three Russians busk at Pasar Beringkit, Bali. Picture source:

As reported by, the Russians were singing for passing pedestrians as they performed on a range of instruments.

The three Russian tourist are reportedly staying in the Canggu area of Bali.

Local enforcement officials were called to halt the impromptu musical performance after they received complaints from local residents regarding three foreign singers who were panhandling near the BPD Bank in the city of Tabanan.

Officials found the Russians trying to entertain the public using a complete set of musical instruments. The Russians were not apprehended but simply told to move on and stop performing on public streets in Tabanan, West Bali.

Few days later, the Russians had set up a tent and near Pasar Beringkit in Mengwi and had apparently been sleeping there since Sunday, attracting much attention from local residents as the musical trio played their instruments and sang, hopeful for handouts.

The Russians told police during questioning that they had indeed set up a tent and were sleeping near the pasar and had plans to leave for KL on Feb. 7, according to Badung Municipal Police Chief I Ketut Martha.

Chief of Bali Municipal Police Made Sukadana confirmed the arrest of the three Russians to local media, stating that the three had been turned over to Immigration, Coconuts Bali reported.

Acting head of Denpasar Immigration Enforcement Indra Noble told local media that the Russians will be deported.

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