Uber Taxi Driver Beaten by Angry Mob in Ubud

The driver of an Uber Taxi was set upon by a mob and badly beaten on Jalan Pengosekan in Ubud, Bali, as quoted from Bali Discovery.

Picture source: baliberkarya.com

The driver, Peter Sunarto (31), suffered bruises about his head and face as the result of the beating.

Sunarto had received a ride order over the Uber online transportation application from a hotel on Jalan Hanoman in Ubud at about 4:20 pm when, while waiting for his passenger to appear, more than 10 people attacked him while parked at a nearby minimarket.

According to Balipost.com, the mob asked Sunarto if he was an Uber driver. Frightened for his safety, Sunarto told the mob that he was not an Uber driver but merely waiting for a friend. The men then drag him from the car and beat him.

The man later reported the attack to the Ubud Police precinct.

Police are investigating the case and have called members of the local taxi drivers group working in the Jalan Pengosekan area. Police say an agreement is in place preventing online taxi operators from working in the Ubud area.

Police continue to try to track down those responsible for the criminal assault on the taxi driver.

Source: balidiscovery.com


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