Bali Shaken by 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook South Bali on Friday morning, around 1:39 am.

Photo: BMKG

Bali’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) recorded the quake’s epicenter as 334 kilometers southwest of Denpasar, at a depth of 10 kilometers. Most people likely slept through the small shakes, but the quake was reportedly felt in the Denpasar area, as quoted from Coconuts Bali.

The earthquake did not trigger a tsunami alert, no serious damages or victims following the earthquake.

BMKG Chief, Daryono said on Friday (17/3), although the earthquake did not impact on the island of Bali because of the distance away from the seismic point of settlements, but the phenomenon of resources earthquake in the outer zone is a record rise noteworthy, Kumparan reported.

“An earthquake with an epicenter in the outer zone of rise is quite rare phenomenon, since the center of the earthquake occurred in the south lane plate subduction or outside the subduction zone,” said Daryono.

Some cases of outer rise earthquake zone was happend in Sumbawa in August 1977 claimed more than 190 lives. In Japan in 1933, the tsunami triggered by an earthquake measuring 8.6 magnitude on the outer zone killed about 3,000 people. In Samoa, tsunami triggered by an outer zone earthquake killed 189 people.

“The historical record of the tsunami would be sufficient to form the basis that the rise in the outer zones earthquake of Indonesia should be wary and not be ignored,” said Daryono.


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