Dolphin Bodyslams Surfer in Australia

A surfer on the Gold Coast of Australia was sharing the waves with a pod of dolphins when one of them jumped from a wave and body-slammed him.

“Oh, it just hit that guy,” said a man who was videotaping the scene.

“You see that, he landed on my head, shoulder and back,”  Sam Yoon told 9NEWS.

In the video, the dolphin can be seen flipping his body to the right just before landing on Yoon, in what appears to be a last second effort to avoid the surfer.

“I knew that he realised he’s got to do something too, and I was like no way I can get away from this,” he said.

“After it happened, you know what, they communicated to each other that every time I’m paddling they coming, they supposed to jump, they would be getting away from me.”


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