Foreign Tourist Arrested in Bali for Stealing a Motorcycle

Police in Kuta, Bali arrested Paul Gerard Walsh, a 30-year-old man from Dublin, Ireland, in connection with the theft of a motorcycle from the parking lot of the Matahari Guest House in Jalan Wangi in Kuta, quoted from Bali Discovery.

Picture source: reports that the Irishman was taken into custody by police with a wounded neck after he crashed into a steel fence while trying to flee an angry crowd.

Prior to Walsh’s arrest, the motorcycle’s owner, Fauzi Sahi, had reported the loss of his motorcycle to the Kuta Police that he had parked at the Matahari Guest House.

Sahi told police he had inadvertently left the keys for the motorcycle in the ignition and saw his bike being taken by a foreigner as he screamed “thief” to those standing nearby. A chase ensued causing Walsh to accelerate and hit a steel fence resulting in wounds to his neck and other parts of his body.

Falling off the stolen motorcycle, Walsh tried to escape by running inside a nearby home, pursued by local citizens and police who had joined the chase.

Walsh was taken into custody without a struggle and brought to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.


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