How To Slow Down: 5 Fantastic Tube Stalls

Speed! You’re constantly being told you need it, that good surfin’ is all about it. Yet sometimes, sometimes, you gotta pump the brakes. Hit the anchors, park it. Chiefly, when you want to pull in. The tricky thing is, slowing down enough to match the speed of the lip line and stay tunnelled, but not stopping altogether into an unrecoverable tis-was. Here give us 5 Fantastic Tubes Stalls to try for the next swell.

1. Double Hand Drag

Photo: John Maher

The double hand hand drag is pretty chic these days, oft deployed by surf gods like Dane and One John. The double hand drag of course involves getting your leading as well as following hand in that face. The dangers associated are that your shoulders will kinda point into the wave and up, rather than down, where you ultimately want to be pointed to ride out of that sucker.

2. Arm Drag Deep Penetration

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The simplest and least perturbing to your line, the buried arm in the face slows you while allowing you to adjust by either burying it deeper (you’ve heard that request before) or pulling it oot a bit. Suited to head high and a bit over-ish tubes. Don’t try it at macking Chopes or Shipsters – you’ll get your wing ripped out of its socket and possibly bopped on the head with the soggy end.
The arm drag is occasionally referred to by webcast commentators as “putting the pie in the oven”. Leave your pie in the oven for too long, and it will get burnt. Opinion is generally divided between those who prefer undercooked pies (blink-and-you’ll-miss-it head-dips) and those who would rather an overcooked one (deeper, longer, but ultimately unsuccessful tube-rides).

3. Lil’ Fig. 8 Snap

Photo: Bielmann

The lil fig. 8 snap is great at points or places where you’ll be repeating your pull in again and again… bottom jive, pump, lil snap, tunnel, exit and repeat. It’s suited to points or waves where you’re going way too fast for a m.f.o.w. and kinda wanna keep the flow happening in more of a long groovy line, like Barra de la Cruz.

4. Forehand Layback

The fruitiest and least-seen stall, slender cats like Al Knost and Derek Hynd have been known to go this acrobatic, indulgent jive. Layback stalls are usually associated with backside tubes… but why?

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