A New Zealand Tourist in Bali Scammed Out of NZD $2,000

A New Zealand man holidaying in Bali was fleeced out of $2,000 after he was forced to play a card game in a scam targeting tourists, as quoted from Daily Mail.

Tourist in Seminyak beach. Picture source: indonesia-leisure.com

His wife has opened up about the terrifying ordeal after the father was left ‘too traumatised’ to speak, NZ Herald reported.

The tourist, who was on a family trip on the resort island, was sitting alone on a bench when he was approached by a Balinese man. The local man asked the Kiwi tourist if he could speak to his sister about his life in New Zealand because she was moving to Auckland to work as a nurse.

But the friendly conversation quickly escalated when the tourist was kidnapped for more than four hours after he agreed to meet the woman.

“They drove him into a property where they locked the gate. They took him inside and they sat [him] down, they wouldn’t let him leave,” his wife told the publication.

When the tourist arrived, the New Zealander was forced to play a round and then ‘up the stakes’ by placing bets with another Balinese man and woman.

‘They kept saying “Oh you’re winning, you’re winning. You’ll just have to keep playing for a little bit longer”,’ the wife claimed.

After he lost all his cash, the tourist was driven to an ATM so he could withdraw more money for the scammers.

The wife said her husband couldn’t escape because another person was left to guard the front door of the shop.

“He just tried to do everything to get out of it at this stage because he was really terrified. He swiped his card and they just took out every last bit of money,” she said.

The scammers swindled the tourist out of more than NZD $2,000, his wife claimed.

She said her husband eventually returned to the hotel after he was placed in a taxi.

The family decided to cut their holiday short because they felt unsafe after they reported the incident to local police.

“The Ministry was contacted by the family of a New Zealander, and consular assistance was provided by the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta,” a New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade told Daily Mail Australia.

‘For privacy reasons we do not discuss details of cases.’

The latest scam bares a striking resemblance to a 2011 incident where an Australian couple was fleeced out of AUD $18,000, The West Australian reported.

Delys Langford and her husband Norm were on a holiday in Bali when a local man asked them if they could speak to his sister who was moving to Perth for a nursing job.

The pair were then driven to a property where they were forced to play blackjack with a ‘rich businessman’.

Source: dailymail.co.uk / Author: Cindy Tran


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