Samsung Pulls Out as WSL Sponsor

The Korean technology giant, has discontinued their sponsorship of the World Surf League. For the past few years Samsung had footed much of the bill for the WSL’s Championship tour events (11 men’s and 10 women’s.), as quoted from Surfers Village.

“Samsung has been a great partner for the surfing community over the past three years, elevating the sport to new heights and honoring the community’s heritage,” WSL communications manager Dave Prodan said in a statement to media. “We thank them for their partnership and look forward to an exciting 2017 season.”

The full financial extent of what Samsung did for the WSL is still unclear, as the WSL hasn’t released numbers for how much the phone giant pitched in to make The Tour possible.

Much of the WSL CT is financed by wealthy businessman Dirk Ziff, part owner of ZoSea, so one assumes that in lieu of finding another sponsor quickly, Mr Ziff will have to shoulder the monetary obligations. Prodan and the WSL remain optimistic.

“The WSL is excited about upcoming announcements in the commercial space. More to come when available.”

The pullout by Samsung comes at a crucial time for professional surfing. Last month WSL CEO Paul Speaker announced he was stepping down.

Read Surfers Village article, here


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