Indonesia Named One of The Most Maritime Piracy Affected Regions

The threat of Maritime Piracy has grown enormously in past few years specially in Piracy Affected Regions. The news that some pirates attack some crew members and looted a ship is now becoming quite common these days and it should have to be prevented. They not only demand ransom against crew members but also threaten the authorities if their ransom demand don’t get fulfilled, as quoted from Humans As Sea.

Pirates working from ports in Somalia have received an estimated $85 million in ransoms since January 2010. Picture source:

Now Days the spread of Sea Piracy goes beyond the sea limits and is and become ubiquitous in every part of sea.

Below we are mentioning the 10 most Affected areas of Sea Piracy:

  1.  Malacca Straits: It is located in Indian Ocean, and highly prone to Maritime Piracy. It forms a commercial gateway between Suez Canal, Egypt and Europe and it is also a very important Indo-Sino Sea Route that make it highly suspectible for any kind of Maritime Piracy.
  2. Gulf of Aden: It is an another affected area from Maritime Piracy and also known as entrance of Read SEA. It is a trading route leading into the Suez Canal and geographically well-positioned with the anarchic Somalia.
  3. Benin: It belongs to Africa and another area that interest Pirates alot. It is marked as one of the most high risk area for Maritime Piracy.  The IMO has taken various steps to counter maritime piracy in this piracy affected area, though positive results are yet to be seen.
  4. South China SEA: Mostly Malaysians or Indonesians, the marine pirates in the South China Sea are regarded to be amongst the most dangerous pirates who ply their nefarious activities.
  5. Nigeria: It is located in western part of Africa and is completely with such incidents of Maritime Piracy. The threat of piracy is so high in the region that it has been rated as being one of the most risky areas for marine cargo transportation. Security factors provided by Nigerian Naval Authorities are not sufficient enough  to safeguard them from Seatime Piracy.  It has also been reported that due to extensive piracy threat, shipping through the entire marine belt of West Africa requires a heavy high insurance cover for the goods thus being transported.
  6. Arabian SEA: Gulf of Oman that is situated in Arabian SEA is one of the highly targeted areas of Pirates. This is mainly because of limitation in the available naval resources to act as an effective cover and because of the position of the area geographically.
  7. Somalia: The main reason for marine piracy occurring at mammoth proportions in Somalia is because of extreme poverty in the region caused due to civil war, government ineffectuality and vast dumps of marine wastes – toxic in nature – existing in the Somali sea-waters. Because of piracy, there have been other problems in the form of fast-increasing premium rates for insurance policies.
  8. Indonesia: Indonesia is also amongst the highly affected piracy areas in the world. Some of the areas that are targeted by the sea pirates are the Anambas, Natuna and the Merundung Islands, where pirates have been reported to attack ships during night-time as opposed to in the daylight
  9. Gulf of Guinea:

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Source: /Agraj Agrawal


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