Lion Air Plane Massive Fuel Spillage at Surabaya Airport

Lion Air is making headlines for all the wrong reasons again after images surfaced online of large amounts of fuel pouring from a wing onto the tarmac while passengers were seated inside the aircraft, as quoted from Loyalty Lobby.

Photo: Twitter / @flightmoods

Meanwhile Indonesia’s Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has summoned Executives of the company to brief him personally about what is happening with the airline.

Various news reports in local Indonesia press cite both the Transport Minister as well as the President of Lion Air chiming in on the situation.

Images of a Lion Air plane leaking what appears to be fuel has gone viral on social media. Lion Air President Director Edward Sirait confirmed the fuel leak, saying that, “only a few liters were spilled.” Coconuts Jakarta reported.

Definitely not just ‘a few liters’. One look alone confirms that such a response is absolutely absurd and reflects the lack of touch these guys at Lion Air have with reality.

“I don’t want these kinds of things to keep happening,” Budi said, though he did not specify if Lion Air might receive any sanctions from the government over these incidents.

On top of the incidents that Budi mentioned, there are also reports that several Lion Air flights from Soekarno-Hatta have been delayed from yesterday afternoon until this morning, leaving hundreds stranded in the airport.

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