Some Weird and Wonderful Indonesian Folk Beliefs

Superstition runs thick in this country, from ghosts and spirits to karma and lucky charms. It’s a wonderfully rich culture and because of that we’re presented with some fantastic beliefs of the villages of Indonesia. Here are 8 we think you’ll love!

Traditional way of stopping rain in Indonesian belief. Picture source:

1) Don’t hate when pregnant
Indonesians believe that when a woman is pregnant, she isn’t allowed to hate or think badly of anyone. This is because it is believed the baby will come out resembling that hated person.

2) Say ‘permisi’ before you pee
When outdoors and you feel the need to pee on a tree, you must say “Permisi” (excuse me) first. It is believed that spirits sleep by trees, and if you don’t say permisi first then you may pee on a spirit… Men, if you do this, the spirit will punish you buy shriveling up your penis.

3) Placing umbilical cords with siblings
An old wives’ tale instructs mothers to place the umbilical cord of a newly born child next to the child’s sibling when it sleeps. This is to strengthen the connection between them and hopefully make them best friends through life.

4) Throw baby teeth on the roof
Apparently, if a child’s baby teeth fall out, the teeth must be thrown onto the roof to avoid that child getting ‘horse teeth’.

5) Smooth delivery
Ladies, we know you all dread that moment when you have to give birth. Labour, the most painful thing a human can endure! Don’t worry, Indo’s got it covered – the trick is, during labour you must hold your hair in your mouth throughout the process. This ensures a smooth delivery.

6) Rain, rain, go away!
An old, traditional way of stopping rain -and this one is actually still used by many people even today- is to place a chili and shallots on top of a long stick, and then stick that stick into the ground in the area you don’t want rain.

7) Don’t sleep on one side of a big bed

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