Women in Kebaya Surfs Kuta Beach to Commemorate Kartini Day

To welcome the celebration of the birth date of the Indonesian female emancipation fighter, R.A. Kartini, a number of female surfers wearing the traditional sarong kebaya took to Kuta Beach on Thursday, as quoted from Bali Discovery.

Two female surfers wearing kebaya (traditional Indonesian female attire) surf together during the Kartini Festival at Kuta Beach in Bali on Thursday. Photo: JP/Zul Trio Anggono

Kartini (1979-1904) lived in Central Java where she taught female scholars and worked on behalf of female access to educational opportunities. The daughter of an aristocratic family, her published letters are venerated today as a prelude to the battle for national independence and female equality.

The unusual site of lady surfers sporting traditional dress drew large crowds of visiting tourist eager to record the event with their cameras.

As reported by Metrobali.com, the surfers seem unimpeded by their sarongs and form-fitting kebayas in performing proficiently riding surfboards through the waves.

One of the female surfers, Aninun Nikmah, said that while the mode of dress limited movement, it was still fun to participate in the sport wearing traditional dress.

Participants sought to draw attention to surfing, a pastime dominated by male surfers, as a sport suitable for female participants.

This was the seventh year that Kartini Day was marked by women surfing while wearing sarong kebaya.


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