Reunion Shark Attack Leaves Bodyboarder Dead

Bodyboarder Adrien Dubosc bled to death on Saturday after being bitten by a shark while surfing with two friends off Réunion Island’s Pointe au Sal. According to multiple sources, Dubosc – a well-known shark advocate and member of the local Shark Watch Patrol – suffered injuries to the thigh and groin area and was given CPR as beachgoers and several family members looked on in horror.

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His death comes weeks after his best friend Alexandre Naussac, 26, died on a nearby beach on the French island, which lies off the coast of Madagascar.

Dubosc was a member of Shark Watch Patrol which is dedicated to cutting down spiralling shark deaths on the island.

“The young man was in the water with two friends, when a shark attacked him, biting his right thigh, and his groin area,” a police spokesman said. “The victim was pulled out of the water, and emergency workers arrived very quickly. Despite cardiac massage, he died within half an hour of the attack.” Police said.

The attack was close to where his friend Naussac was also mauled to death by a shark.

Dubosc’s death will intensify the shark crisis on Reunion, which is by far the most dangerous place in the world for shark attacks. The island, which is just 65 kilometres long, has seen some 15 per cent of all the world’s fatal attacks over the past five years. Dubosc is the ninth person killed by a shark off Reunion in the last six years, while 12 more have been injured.

French authorities have insisted they are tackling the problem with nets and boatpatrols, and by catching and killing about 100 sharks a year.

Source: The Sun


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