Traffic Operation Starts in Bali, Also Targets Shirtless Tourist

Starting from May 10 until May 22, Operasi Patuh Jaya 2017 will be held across Indonesia. The police operation targets traffic violators, and foreign tourists are not excluded.

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“The tourist who caught wear bikinis on the streets will not be fined but we will ask then to drive back to the hotel later” said AA Made Sudana, Head of the Bali Traffic Police, as quoted from Tribun Bali.

Sudana explained that the priority of the operation is to lower the number of accidents in Bali, since, based on his data, there were 46 cases of accidents reported causing the death of 15 people during last year’s operation alone. The total number of road accidents that happened in Bali in 2016 amounted to 25.000, while up to April of this year there were a reported 5.000 accidents, quoted from Seminyak Times.

Last year police caught 10.220 drivers who violate the traffic.

This year police deployed 1175 personnel with the aim not only to target traffic violators but also drivers who carry too much load. “We have already coordinated with the Transportation Agency to deal with these traffic violators,” Sudana added.

Sudana ensured that his personnel won’t be engaging in the collection of illegal fines. “I ensure that our members will not engage in such acts. We guarantee this to be a clean operation. We have supervisors in the field.”


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