Video: Shirtless Tourists Trash Talk and ‘Fight’ in Legian, Kuta

Fight broke out in the heart of Kuta, with shirtless foreigners trash talking and ‘fighting’ on a very crowded Legian street, right in front of the Bali bombing memorial.

The seven minutes footage of the very theatrical ‘fight’ was posted on Facebook by ‘Cristian Jerry’ with the hashtags #BOXINGMidnight, #LegianStreet, #Bali, and #Ausie.

While it’s not clear if the two brawlers are actually from Australia, their behavior—stopping traffic with their confrontation, cursing each other out with bravado, and attempts at street-side boxing—could be described as ‘bogan-like’, no matter their country of origin, as quoted from Bali Coconuts.

But the brawl ended with a surprising plot twist. Rather than things getting broken up by the pecalang or the police arriving at the scene to clear the street, the theatrics were concluded with a big bro hug.



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