Woman Arrested at Bali Airport With Nearly 10,000 Ecstasy Pills

Stefani Anindia Hadi (25), was arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport last Thursday (08/06) whilst carrying 9,675 ecstasy pills that were wrapped in four large plastic bags, which she had hidden in her carry-on bag.

Photo: Tribun Bali / I Nyoman Mahayasa

She had been flying from Palembang, Sumatra and claimed that the thousands of pills that she was carrying were for migraines. However, the arresting officer wasn’t fooled by her testimony and eventually admitted that the pills were in fact ecstasy,  Seminyak Times reported.

I Putu Gede Suastawa, Head of Bali’s Drug Enforcement Agency, explained they managed to arrest the suspect after getting a tip from the Drug Enforcement Agency in South Sumatra.

“After we searched her, we found the evidence in her bag,” said Suastawa to reporters, as reported by Tribun Bali. “After we counted them, there were 9,675 ecstasy pills.”

Following Hadi’s arrest, the agency track down who was supposed to receive the drugs. Sukron Wardana (27), who later arrested in a hotel on Sunset Road, Kuta. Both Hadi and Wardana are from Banyuwangi, East Java.

Sukron himself was hired help sent by someone referred to by the initials BR, who ordered the ecstasy pills. Police are still hunting the person who ordered Sukron to take the pills brought in by Hadi.

Suastawa said, last March Hadi was given Rp 40 million to carry drugs into Bali, which apparently went through without a hitch.

Source: seminyaktimes.com


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