Bali Local Newspaper: Jalan Poppies II in Kuta is Unsafe After Dark reports that Jalan Poppies II in Kuta has become a high-crime area each night after dark. The crime situation has become so acute, says The Bali Post, that local residents have now dubbed the area after a famous war zone as “Jalur Gaza” or the “Gaza Stip.”, as quoted from Bali Discovery.

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The report alleges that almost every evening the screams of tourists who are the victims of snatch thieves or muggings are heard.

One taxi driver, Komang Uban, said he has often seen pickpocketing and muggings taking place that are targeted on foreign tourists. Many tourists who are the targets of such crimes are attacked as they return from local nightspots to their accommodation address on Jalan Poppies II.

Uban described how criminal posing as motorbike jockeys offer transportation to tourists, luring them to a quieter location where they are preyed upon by a group of thieves laying in wait.

Uban said the frequency of such attacks has prompted local residents to call Jalan Poppies II the “Jalur Gaza.” The thieves will attack any unsuspecting tourist, regardless of sex or age, with even underage children falling victim to muggings.

Robert Rahardja, another local resident of Jalan Poppies II in Kuta, confirmed the large amount of criminal activities taking place on Jalan Poppies II, claiming the thieves are both practiced and well-organized.

Those who try to resist the muggers are generally beaten into submission by the criminals, said Rahardja.

Rahardja complained that there appear to be little efforts by the police to bring the thieves to justice nor are there any sign of routine patrols of the area being undertaken by the police.


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