More Brazilian Will Comes to Indonesia Next Year

Thanks to an airline promotion selling return flights for 500$. The surfing season has long been a popular time for surfing-mad Brazilians to flock to the archipelago but this is an unprecedented number of tickets sold in 2017.

Travellers at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali. Picture: Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

Swellnet reported, whatever the numbers, incremental or astronomical, they can be attributed to a generous holiday package offered by Qatar Airways. Early this year the Middle Eastern carrier launched its second annual Travel Festival featuring cheap flights that got progressively cheaper the more people that were in on the deal.

Of interest were the flights from Sao Paulo to Denpassar. The usual price for return flights is approx. $1,500 US but the Qatar Airways deal started at $709 each for three people and dropped to a scant $487 if you could round up five passangers.

With Uluwatu a favorite Brazilian base, the Bukit is bracing itself for a green, yellow and blue invasion.

At less than a third the usual price Brazilian travellers got the group thing going, booked the flights, and subsequently stormed the archipelago. This was confirmed by Qatar Airways who, when asked by Swellnet, said the Denpassar special was “extremely popular”. However, they couldn’t divulge specific numbers and thus we’re left to unreliable reports from the cliff tops at Ulus.

“Everything you hear about the Brazilians is true,” said Swellnet correspondent. “A very large number of them are here and they themselves say it is due to the cheap tickets.”

The spokesperson for Qatar Airways said this was the second time they’d run the Travel Festival and due to the growing success it was highly likely they’ll do it again next year.



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