Five Destinations in Indonesia To Visit in 2017

With the rise of infrastructure development and government efforts to promote local tourism, travelers now have more opportunities to visit every corner of Indonesia. The Jakarta Post has compiled five Indonesian destinations that you should add to your travel bucket list this year.


Blue Fire at Ijen Volcano. Picture source: Puchong Pannoi

Banyuwangi regency in East Java is home to the Ijen volcano complex, which is known for its blue fire and turquoise-green sulfur lake. Since Jakarta-Banyuwangi direct flights are scheduled to begin soon, this year is the perfect time for a visit to the regency.

What to see and do: Visit Ijen volcano complex and hike before dawn to see the blue fire. Those who prefer aquatic activities may swing by Bangsring Underwater, as the conservation area offers a wide array of activities, including shark-feeding and snorkeling.

Anambas Islands

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The Anambas Islands is a small archipelago located in Riau Islands province. Having been declared a special economic zone (KEK), the islands are currently undergoing infrastructure development, which includes the development of Letung Island airport. Moreover, a new eco-friendly resort is set to be opened in Bawah Island, a part of Anambas Islands, sometime after the second quarter this year, adding one more reason to put Anambas Islands on your bucket list.

What to see and do: The crystal clear waters make Anambas Islands the perfect place for snorkeling and diving.


Mie Aceh. Picture source:

During the 2016 World Halal Tourism Awards, Aceh was named winner of World’s Best Airport for Halal Travelers and World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination, which is why food enthusiasts should include Aceh on their bucket list. The province is home to a wide array of delectable dishes, including ayam tangkap (Acehnese fried chicken), ayam pramugari (stewardess chicken), mie Aceh (Acehnese fried noodles) and the lesser known sie reuboh (a beef dish consumed by Acehese heroes and heroines during the war against the Dutch).

What to see and do: Sample the delicious halal dishes. While on a break from the food adventure, visit the Tsunami Museum or Lampuuk Beach.

Central Sulawesi

Bada Valley, Togean Islands and Matantimali are three areas in Central Sulawesi that have been included in the 10 prioritized destinations list. In conjunction with the plan, the government is currently building up infrastructure in these destinations, such as roads and accommodations.

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