Foreign Tourist Lost Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali

A foreign tourist lost while surfing in Kuta Beach on Monday (24/7) afternoon.

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Bali Basarnas (Search and Rescue) has been scouring the area for the man, who is understood to be from Ukraine, since receiving a report that he didn’t make it back to the beach, as quoted from Coconuts Bali.

Bali Police Sabhara Unit members also helping the searching process.

“The incident was approximately 04.30 PM (local time) when the tide was going down but the waves was strong. The victim has not been able to surf. He had been practicing alone,” said eyewitness Andi.

He added the victim, known as Serhii Heveliev (24), allegedly been warned by people on the beach about the big waves and did not pay attention about that.

As of Tuesday afternoon, two boats and two jet skis had been deployed by Basarnas to accelerate the search for the victim.



  • Foreign Tourist Lost Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali



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