Indonesian Narcotics Agency Chief Suggests Ghosts as Prison Guards

Indonesia’s anti-drugs chief, frustrated by rampant drug trade in prisons, has suggested jails be guarded by ghosts because they cannot be bribed on Wednesday.

Head of the National Narcotics Agency, Budi Waseso. Photo: KOMPAS/WISNU WIDIANTORO

The online edition of the newspaper Media Indonesia reported that Budi Waseso, the head of the National Narcotics Agency, said 50 per cent of drug trade was controlled by drug dealers from prisons. He blamed the lack of human resources from the government for allowing it to continue.

“Ghosts cannot be bribed, probably costing only incense,’’ he said.

In 2015, Waseso suggested that the government build a prison on an island guarded by crocodiles to hold drug convicts to prevent them from escaping.

“Yes, I’ve often said that if you do not believe in humans, we will work with crocodiles. If possible, ghosts would be the guards”, he added.

Recently, Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered police to shoot drug dealers if they resisted arrest, in remarks that drew comparison to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly war on drugs.


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