Malindo Airline Leaves Almost Entire Flight’s Luggage Behind in Bali

A Boeing 737 flight from Bali to Brisbane turned into a nightmare early on Sunday when 63 passengers discovered their luggage had vanished.

The ordeal started when all three of the aircraft’s toilets needed to be fixed while passengers sat helpless on the tarmac.

Technicians then had to work on a ‘weight discrepancy,’ and the plane took off two hours late.

On arrival in Brisbane 63 furious travellers found their bags had not been on the five hour flight, Nine News reported.

Amit Chacko and Ashleigh Perry were on the way back from their Bali wedding and were left shocked and upset by the experience.

“We saw about 14 people pick up their luggage, then that’s it, the carousel stopped. They had tried to make my wife Ashleigh check in her wedding dress back in Indonesia too. Luckily, she refused.” said Chacko.

The unlucky passengers were left stranded with no idea where their possessions were. To make matters worse for the frustrated flyers, airline staff were seen leaving the airport with all of their bags.

“I’d had no sleep and food was disgusting. And we all just see the pilots and staff leaving with theirs bags ok!” Perry said.

Malindo Air has been contacted for comment, and it is unclear whether the missing bags were unloaded due to the weight problem which caused the delay.



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