NZ Man Arrested for Running Half-Naked in Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia

A New Zealand man will be deported from Indonesia after he allegedly ran half-naked through a public garden.

Photo: PojokJabar/

The 28-year-old was arrested by Indonesian military officers and park officers after he allegedly jumped the fence to get into the Bogor Botanical Gardens on Tuesday night, reports Jawa Pos.

Bogor Botanical Garden tourist guide coordinator Kapat Yuriawan said that around 8:30 am patrol officers spotted the man running down the garden wearing only a towel before tour guides contacted military personnel nearby.

Police spokesman Syarief Hidayat said the man, named as JCC, jumped the fence because the gardens were good for meditation. The man was hallucinating and thought he could fly.

The guards said NZ man claimed to have heard a voice whisper to him that he could fly if he removed all of his clothing. So he got naked and started meditating, until he apparently climbed up the tree and jumped off in an attempt to fly, instead landing on the ground where he apparently lay unconscious until the guards found him the next morning, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

Despite JCC having all the required documents and entering Indonesia legally, immigration officials said he would be deported because he had entered the gardens illegally.

JCC has been in Indonesia since July 1.


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